Calyxto is a private social network for professionals in fashion, beauty and luxury goods.

Some of our members include:


Claibourn Hamilton
Senior Designer, Art Director – Perfumes & Cosmetics
New York, NY, USA


Rachelli Materum
Vice President of Talent Acquisition
Macy’s Inc.
San Francisco, CA, USA


Morris Ragaza
Senior Director, Technical Design – Ralph Lauren RRL
Ralph Lauren
New York, NY, USA

Admission to Calyxto is based on work experience and/or education and training. Calyxto members can friend industry peers and promote their work. Members also have priority access to customized networking, including structured and open networking events as well as fun activities like tastings and cultural or leisure outings.

To apply to join Calyxto, click here.

Calyxto also offers events for individuals not currently employed in the style industries who aspire to work or start businesses in these fields. Email info@calyxto.com to join our general mailing list.