Our Team

Our Team


Jessica Sciorra has worked in the design field in human resources and talent acquisition for over two decades, helping companies like Polo/Ralph Lauren, Nike and LVMH to identify, nurture and retain the best talent.


Angelo Ragaza has provided content, public relations, marketing and strategic partnership strategy for fashion, arts, news and social justice organizations. His writing has appeared in Vogue, W, The New York Times, Vibe, Newsweek and Forbes.com.


Karen Wang has over twenty years of media sales experience spanning digital, television and print at companies including Comcast and The New York Times. Her clients have included numerous Fortune 500 brands in financial services, automotive and fashion.


Calyxto is not an executive or talent search firm.


For more information about Calyxto, email us at info@calyxto.com or call 917-525-5600.